Are Social Bookmarking Services Worth Paying?

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A Twitter Tutorial Guide

If you are new to Twitter it may seem like a daunting task to learn how to use this hot social networking site. The process is actually quite straightforward, and with an understanding of the basics you'll be comfortable getting started. Then, as with most new applications, you'll figure o

Using Social Bookmarking Sites for Internet Marketing

Before you can understand the importance of social bookmarking in internet marketing, it is first important to know what it really is. The concept of is actually quite simple; instead of storing your bookmarks of the web pages in your Favorites folder, you can store these pages online. This techniqu

Social Media Advertising Going Through the Roof

In 2010 there were companies all over the world jumping on the social media bandwagon and probably even more online marketing experts appearing from the UK to India. We were already being told that Social media was the Daddy when it came to online marketing.

Social Media Technology Advancements

The media has penetrated the hemispheres of today's society by implanting itself into the framework of television, mobile devices, business interactions and other elements that shape our culture. There are a number of technologies that adapt quickly to the hyper-connectedness and transparency o

Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

If you are thinking about ways to promote your business or website, you might be considering using Facebook as part of your marketing strategy. With millions of users and thousands more joining each day, Facebook has the eyes and ears of a large population. This makes it an ideal medium for launchin

Social Media Monitoring - Don't Lag Behind Your Competitors

Social media monitoring has become a fundamental part of the marketing strategy. Studies suggest that by the start of the year 2014 nearly 60% of the marketers worldwide implemented the practice of social media listening as part of their marketing strategy. Studies further indicate that about 24% of

Recommendations to Create an Effective Social Marketing Campaign

Advertising on any platform, from billboards to television to banners, print or online formats, is becoming more social. But although there are numerous examples of social marketing campaigns very sophisticated, highly innovative technology-based tools like Facebook Connect, create a social advertis

How Does Social Media Help in SEO?

Most of the businesses and people are using the social media to raise their company search engine optimization (SEO). Nowadays, in our social life there is internet, at home, there is the facility of internet; in our professional life, there internet facility. So, what chance does a single advertise

4 Reasons to Use Social Media As a Business Tool

Business executives often ask why they should use social media as a tool for their business. Traditional marketing efforts with the us of television, radio, and newspaper ads are giving ever smaller returns on the investment.

What the Best Social Bookmarking Strategy Is for You

Whether you are new to social media or have been in the game for a long time now, you should always be redefining your social bookmarking strategy. The world of the Internet moves very fast, and if you stick to the same strategy for a year or more, you are likely to be making some mistakes.

How to Use New Media Tools to Market Your Business Online

Internet is full of great marketing opportunities that are practically free. All you need to do is be creative and think outside the box.New media tools are always being developed for use on the Web and many of these new tools can be used to market your website. In fact, many of them are developed p

Steps to Market Your Products on Facebook

Facebook has become the most browsed among social networking websites. It has recorded more than 500 million members and this is a place where you can drive massive traffic to your website. All you need is to sign up with Facebook using a valid email address for you to be a registered member in Face

Brick and Mortar Social Media Marketing

Brick & Mortar social media marketing is the next frontier in the social media marketing space and the next step in marketing for traditional small businesses that have previously used less effective methods of advertising such as print or television ads. Social media is currently the playing field

Definition of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing, also known as crowdfunding, is a noteworthy development that has tremendously helped the growth of collaborative software ventures. Unlike traditional fund raising campaigns, crowdsourcing utilizes the vast networking capabilities of the internet to find perfectly matched individual d

Winning Tactics For Effective Social Media Optimization

Social media can help spread messages through blog posts and blog search engines through which one can carve a niche for his site, which is something like word-of-mouth marketing. SMO is pull marketing; it is not "push your message onto someone."

How to Get Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a really cool platform, and it really extends your reach when you have a lot of followers. But, how do you get all of those followers? You see many people with tens of thousands of followers.