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Self Healing Tools

There is a well-known adage that exists among those who believe in the practices of self healing and alternative health. It states, "health exists when body, mind and spirit work in harmony." This simple expression quite adequately encapsulates the holistic philosophy behind the self-healing arts. W

How to Have an Opinion & Good Judgment

You can form an opinion on almost any topic without knowing much about it. However, demonstrating good judgment takes more work and study than just giving your opinion. It requires time, research and the ability to see issues from both sides. Good judgment at work and in life can help you succeed an

What Is the Difference Between a Seraph & a Cherub?

Cherubs, or cherubim, and seraphs, or seraphim, are winged creatures mentioned several times in the Jewish and Christian Bibles. Although not biblically referred to as angels, many traditions hold that they are types of angelic beings. Scripture describes them as heaven-dwelling, living creatures de

Types of Inuit Snow Goggles and Lenses

In bright sunlight, snow and ice create a blinding glare.desert of ice #6 image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from Fotolia.comThe name Inuit refers to a group of indigenous peoples who live near the Arctic Circle. In addition to the region where they live, Inuit people share cultural and social...

Guitar Associations

Guitar associations exist all over the United States and are committed to promoting and expanding the guitar industry. They provide a variety of resources for teachers and students who want to have the guitar taught at their schools, and several create guitar music programs for schools. Many host gu

The Cowboys & Indians in the 1800s

Cowboys and Indians in the 1800s were more than a game played by children. They were real people, and the stories of their lives have transcended generations and been the subject of countless books on the subject of American folklore. Some blurred the line between good and bad, and are the subject o

Common Vegetarian Meals

Fresh vegetables make for tasty vegetarian meals.veggies oh so pretty image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.comSince vegetarians don't eat meat, fish or poultry, the most common vegetarian meals consist primarily of vegetables, but also food items like potatoes, noodles and beans. Some...

Fun Facts About Tootsie Rolls

A familiar brand from childhood, Tootsie Rolls have a long history in the United States. The first Tootsie Rolls were manufactured in 1896 and the company continues to make history today.

How to Deal With an Awkward Party

Parties can be fun occasions to celebrate holidays, birthdays or just blow off some steam. One thing that can bring a party way down though is awkwardness where everyone is just standing around and not really interacting. Should you find your party falling by the wayside, knowing how to handle the s

Types of Indian Arrowheads

Arrowheads, or projectile points, are one of the most recognizable and common Native American artifacts. They were to earlier civilizations what spent ammunition shells are to modern-day hunters and soldiers. Though some consider arrowheads mere debris of past ages, they hold great historical signif

Features of Berber People

The Barbary cost of North Africa takes its name from the Berber people.Hemera Technologies/ ImagesBerbers are the indigenous people of North Africa and live mainly in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. They are also known as "Amazigh," literally meaning "free men." Berber...

What Country Does Macaroni Come From?

Macaroni, as a generic form of pasta, probably originated in China, but nobody is absolutely certain of its exact origins. It probably was brought to Italy and Sicily by Arab traders and conquerors during the Middle Ages. Currently most pasta is produced in Italy and the United States.

History of Spanish Dancing

The dramatic Paso Doble and fiery Flamenco of Spain are international dance sensations popularized by TV shows like "Dancing With the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance." Yet these styles of dance do not constitute all there is to know about the complex history of Spanish dances. Dating back to

What is African American Folklore

African American Folktales [], like any folk tradition, is by nature communal, the creation and expression of a group rather than an individual. Through their folk traditions, communities maintain connections with the past as they ...

About Caddo Religion

The Caddo are a Native American tribe that was originally encountered by Spanish explorers in 1541. Located in what is now present-day Texas, the Caddo were largely a peace-seeking Indian nation that boasted a rich history of art and culture. Part of this culture was an advanced set of religious bel

Multicultural Cooking for Kids

Cooking the food of other cultures is a hands-on way for children to explore the diverse world around them. Whether you decide to learn about other people in your community or travel around the world without leaving your kitchen, you and your children will learn a lot by preparing the cuisine of oth

Cherokee Indian Gifts

The Cherokee Indians, who originally made their home in the southeast region of the U.S., including Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee, have a rich history that includes ornate clothing, riverside villages and the Trail of Tears. If you're looking for a gift to present a loved one who is of Cherokee he

Mexican Independence Day Traditional Foods

Mexican Independence day is a time for celebration.flag button mexico image by Andrey Zyk from Fotolia.comSeptember 15th is Mexican Independence Day. It is a day of celebration for men, women and children alike. It is a celebration of the day Mexico gained its freedom. The day is full of...