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Perfect Easter Bunny Costume

Easter is the perfect time to dress up your kids with Easter bunny costume. Choose Easter Bunny Costume that gets along with your personality and the event you will be wearing it to.

How to Make Photo Xmas Cards

Xmas greeting cards are a great way to share a recent photograph of you and your family to friends and relatives that you do not keep in touch with on a regular basis. Sending off holiday greeting cards is a tradition for most families, while including a holiday letter to update friends on happenin

Examples of Rock & Roll Party Invitations

You can make a rock and roll invitation for little money.guitar image by Chris Edwards from Fotolia.comYour party invitations are the first indication to your guests of your chosen theme. You can always choose to send premade invitations that you find at your local party supply store;...

How to Trim a Home Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

You can spend hours picking out the right Christmas tree, setting it up, putting on the lights and decorating it with dozens of ornaments but, unless you set it in the middle of the room, you never get to see the full tree. If, however, you trim your Christmas tree with a home rotating Christmas tre

How to Make a Budgeting Page

Creating a budget is a great way to save money, eliminate debt and know how you spend your money. When you create a budget, you essentially list your income and expenses. Then, you adjust your spending according to your needs. When you hope to have leftover money at the end of the month, you merely

How to Send Boxed Roses

Sending roses to a special person in your life shows your love and admiration for them. Instead of ordering the roses from an online floral shop or a local shop, you can send them yourself. This will save you delivery and extra surcharge fees. Plus, your loved one will feel special knowing that you

Homemade Pirate Costume for Young Child

Halloween allows children to use their imaginations and become something they have always longed to be. While some kids choose to dress up as doctors or ghouls, others may want to sail the high seas of Halloween as pirates. If your little one wants to be a buccaneer for Halloween, you may worry over

Easter Fun for Everyone

Goodbye snow and cold, hello Spring! Thinking of ways to occupy the family during school breaks can be overwhelming. No need to worry when you try some of these fun filled, Easter themed activities that are perfect for the entire family!

Party Rentals For Easter Holiday

Obstacle Courses - If you are planning to have party rentals for Easter, then you definitely need to have obstacle courses in your event. The obstacle courses will add tons of fun to your event as kids and adults will get to enjoy themselves and play. The course is a two person racing obstacle cours

Christmas Tips for the Milk Delivery Man

It is customary to tip the person who delivers your milk. The holiday season is about giving, and it gives you the opportunity to show your milkman how much you appreciate him. People who deliver milk rise at dawn to provide a valuable service and, even if you can't afford a monetary tip, a gift of

April Fool's Day Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are ways to celebrate someone on the day that they were born. If a person's birthday happens to be April Fool's Day, or April 1st in the United States, their birthday has probably always been marked by practical jokes and tricks. Even someone with an early April birthday or a late M

Antioch Waterpark

The city of Antioch, on the banks of the San Joaquin River in Northern California, has a municipally owned water park. Antioch WaterPark is a 10-acre, city-operated facility located in the 100-acre Prewett Family Park and Community Center, which opened in 1996. An outdoor water park, it is open from

Halloween Costumes Using a Suit

Finding new and innovative Halloween costumes is always a challenge. Consider using a man's suit as the base for a simple and quick Halloween costume. A suit costume is an economical choice for a business man who already owns one. If he does not already own a suit, he can buy one at a thrift store f

Lunch Ideas for Groundhog Day

During the frigid winter, people turn to Punxsutawney Phil every 2 February for hope that spring is around the corner. No matter Phil's prediction, you can enjoy a Groundhog Day-themed lunch at home, work or school. Recipe ideas that play on the groundhog theme and reflect the chill of the winter ai

The History Of Gift Giving On Valentine's Day

February 14th has long been celebrated as Saint Valentine's Day when lovers exchange cards and gifts as tokens of their love for each other. The origins of this holiday are disputed by many experts.

Games & Activities for Short Vowels

Instruction in phonics -- the system of letters and corresponding sounds in language -- helps primary pupils learn to read. Short vowels are found in the middle of words like "cat," "hen," "pig," "dog" and "hut." When pupils learn the sound of short

Funny Gifts for a Best Friend

Whether you have been best friends for six months or six years, you want to make sure that your friend receives a gift that will never be forgotten. A funny gift is the way to go if you want to make sure that there are a lot of people breaking out into smiles at the party.