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Grand Theft Auto Emulators

I've been a mentor in the local schools for eight years. There have been some happy times and some sad times, but what happened yesterday was the most devastating. When I arrived, my mentee was eager to tell me what had happened to him at the library.

The Goal of a Private Investigator

The goal of private investigation is to search for the truth.During this search, a private investigator, or detective, must maintain impartiality.Often, it is ironic that clients of private investigation firms do not want the truth.

The Main Stream Media And the Void It Leaves Behind

The Main Stream Media went out of its way in the last election to make sure that Barack Obama got elected. The MSM in the US has always had a left wing bias but over the last decade, it has become gui

Personal Defense

Personal Defense is becoming more and more necessary in today's society. A simple evening stroll, a walk to the car in the parking lot, or simply enjoying a quite evening in your home can turn into a nightmare, caused by a heartless attacker. Personal defense is necessary to prevent becoming a

Arab Spring & Women

THE Arab world has seen great political turmoil since the beginning of 2011.

On Pi Day Celebration 14 March 2014

Today is a Pi Day. It is celebrated on every March 14th since its approximated value is observed as (3.14). I am sounding geeky, huh? Well not so much, even long after people forget their school lesso

Inside Kenya - The Tribe of the Agikuyu

The history of the Agikuyu people has been passed on from generation to generation. The younger generation of the Agikuyu should be grateful and thankful of the older generation for having passed down the ways of the Agikuyu people from their beginnings and ways of life through word of mouth.

Street Furniture - Brightening Up The Urban Environment

Street furniture at the simplest level, and one we all are familiar with, is the park bench. This need not be in an actual park, but can be found in urban areas, especially pedestrian areas. The idea is simple; it allows weary shoppers and travellers to sit a moment and be relieved of their burden o

Environment Friendly Fund Raising Ideas

Mobile phone recycling is certainly one of the fundraising ideas that schools, clubs, and even kids can organize and participate in. It is very simple and yet very relevant nowadays when everybody see

Water Pollution Problems: A Real Issue

Water pollution has always been a major problem to the environment. With industrialization in major areas and urban cities growing the water around them just keeps getting polluted. The sad part about the whole ordeal is that water pollution can be prevented in a lot of cases.A lot of water pollutio

The Miracle of Computer Technology

Computers are a tremendous labor saving invention, but can't cure inefficiencies in entities not controlled by fair competition. Corruption in government,giant corporations and other agencies, distroy

Democracy watch – 2012, Issue 14

Ukrainian economy: tightrope walking or achieving the possible?The Ukrainian economy is the foundation through which the state meets the basic needs of society.

Duty Belts Need Modification

Duty belts have always held great importance in the police force. It is the final piece of uniform equipment we put on before we head out the door and it is almost always the first duty item we remove when the shift is over!We hate 'em, we cuss 'em, we squirm around all shift while wearing