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Layman's Bible Commentary on Romans - Lesson VI

Three main points. 1. This relationship with Christ brings hope of eternal life. 2. It also brings persecutions and sufferings which tend to bring the Christian to a closer relationship with and dependence upon God. 3. God was looked to as our Heavenly Father. Christians as His children could depend

Sovereign Grace in the Books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther

Even, or perhaps we should say especially, world Emperors have had a sense that they were being used by the Powers that be. In the Christian eyes, there is only one Power that is. That Power is seen in the following account infiltrating the very heart and soul of the Persian Empire, and working His

North Korea - Getting Out

Here is a very recent picture of how things in North Korea are changing while staying the same. "The same"is the constant desire of people who discover the truth to get out of North Korea. What's developing into a news story is the organized business that is evolving to get them out.

How to Become a Pastoral Counselor

Pastoral Counseling involves ordained ministers who incorporate some modern psychological thoughts and methods, and interpret them from their theological perspective in order to treat people and provide them with therapy. Someone looking to go into this field will need degrees in psychology, as well

Ideas for Infant Headstone Inscriptions

Since time immemorial, the loss of a child has been cause for sorrow and reflection. One of the ways in which parents deal with this pain is to erect monuments in the form of headstones that carry statements that signify and memorialize the deceased. The epitaph for an infant should be...

Effects of the RLUIPA

The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) creates major changes in how the rule of law is balanced against religious liberty. Because of the RLUIPA, local governments may be prevented from enforcing local zoning ordinances against religious institutions in the same way as aga

Patti's Yule Altar

Want to see how other readers have decorated their altars to celebrate Yule? Be sure to check out our Yule Altar Gallery for some great ideas!

Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nasik

Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nasik Shri Trimbakeshwar Temple [] is located at a distance of about 30-km from Nasik in Maharashtra near the mountain named Brahmagiri from which the river Godavari flows. Trimbakeshwar Temple is revered ...

Enigmas and Dark Sayings - Part 3

As I conclude this brief survey of Proverbs 30:18-19 I want to focus on just two ideas. First, God is the One who choreographs the wonderful events described in the passage. Second, Man is given the opportunity to participate in the grand adventure of life - even allowed a staring role in the cosmic

Why God's Favor is Important

This is an article about the Favor of God. He will cause people to show us favor, they will go an extra mile to assist us.

25 Days of Christmas - Day 24

Christmas Eve means that we're almost there! Tonight Santa Claus comes and tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Sin In Your Life

Is there still any sin in your life that you are not willing to give up? Are you harboring any kind of bitterness, unforgiveness or jealousy in your heart against someone and you are still not preparing to give them up?

A Guide to Finding the Best Psychic Phone Readings

If you are interested in psychic readings and you believe in this sort of thing, you should know that there are ways to get psychic readings done by phone call. If you have long believed ...

Can You Deduct Church Service Work?

Churchgoers who volunteer to serve their congregations can deduct certain expenses from their tax returns. They cannot deduct the value of any work performed but they can deduct the cost of materials, as long as they do not receive any benefits from their contributions. As of the time of publication

Find Your Favorite Christian Audio Books Online

Christian Books are like extensions of the actual Bible. They're full of stories with lots of lessons to learn as regards religion. These books may be fun to read but it can be more fun to listen to it online.