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What Is a Marine Cooler?

While you were out looking to buy a cooler, you may have noticed that some coolers are labeled as "marine coolers." What is the difference between a regular camping and picnic cooler and a marine cooler? Marine coolers are designed specifically to be used outdoors all of the time.

Camping Is A Great Family & Kids Activity

Some great suggestions for what to eat while you're camping.We've got some delicious suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even some suggestions for what to have for a snack.

I Want a Quality Tent That Lasts

Like most things in life, we look for quality goods that work for us, meet out needs and, more than that, last a long time. Camping is such a joy for so many and having a 'home away from home' in which you feel safe, secure, content and comfortable is your ultimate wish. So, what should yo

Field & Stream Tent Instructions

Field and Stream manufactures tents featuring a dome or tunnel design. The dome and tunnel tents are simple to erect, and use a minimum number of poles to create a sturdy shelter. Both tent styles might be erected by one person, but the help of an assistant hastens the process. The tents are designe

Sleeping Bags for Camping

When shopping for sleeping bags for camping, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the many options available. Not all sleeping bags are created equally. Sleeping bags for camping differ based on the

How to Build a Lean-to Shelter With a Fireplace

Since exposure is the number one killer in most survival situations, the importance of building a good shelter and fire can't be over-emphasized. Lean-to shelters are quick and easy to build and when a properly constructed fireplace is positioned at the open end, they'll protect you from the element

Things to Do When Camping With Children, Or Family Camping

Camping with children, or family camping, can be a lot of fun or it can be challenging. To someone who isn't used to children the concept of how do you keep them from fighting can sound daunting. However, with a few simple common sense steps camping with children or family camping can be reward

Fishing Camps Near Chicoutimi, Canada

Fishing near Chicoutimifishing 1 image by Sorin Alb from Fotolia.comChicoutimi, Quebec, is located 130 miles north of Quebec City at the meeting point of the Saguenay and Chicoutimi rivers. The Saguenay region is known for its natural beauty and is home to a number of national parks...

Camping Air Beds - Camping With Comfort

Advancement in technology, as well as great designs allowed for the invention of camping air beds that is portable, stable and comfortable. These inflatable beds made it possible for every nature lover to have fun outdoors without having to bear with back pains.

How to Repair Scratched Acrylic Windows

Scratches in caravan acrylic windows can be removed by following a step by step process. The repair does not need expensive specialist equipment. Most hardware stores will stock the equipment required. Repair rather than replace will save caravan owners considerable expense.

Camping - A Whole New World Outside Your Door

In a time when it is hard to escape from the day-to-day bustle of urban life, many groups like to have small holidays in the great outdoors. Camping is the practise of staying outdoors for a break and recreation.

Caravan Awnings - Perfect for the Family Vacations

If people have a Caravan Awning then they will have previously found the rejoice of the open road, however they have to be careful about the limited space and sometime situation could be tight particularly ...