How to Catch Arkansas Stripers

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Fishing Reels - R and D

Low Profile Bait Casting Reels, getting lighter. by Capt Dave Sipler Been playing around. Got myself two reels from "yester-year". One is before the Bass Boys decided that it wasn't okay to be casting a ...

How to Make a Fish Hook From Metal

You will find a plethora of fish hooks in any tackle shop you enter. An overwhelming selection to choose from helps give fishermen an edge in their sport. This is great for professional sportsmen, but is a bit of an overkill for the casual angler. As long as the hook can penetrate the fish's mouth w

How to Keep Fish When in a Kayak

Kayak fishing allows the angler to fish in open water, but available space for keeping fish is limited when the boat is loaded with equipment. Keeping your catch requires a strategy that allows the fish to remain fresh without benefit of ice or cooler. The fish must be positioned away from the reach

How to Hook Big Fish With the Banjo Minnow

The Banjo minnow first came to light through the wonder of the information commercial. Many anglers raised eyebrows at this new rigging method that involved a rubber band. However, after several years of real-world use and many pounds of caught fish, the Banjo minnow has secured for itself a place i

Carp Fishing Bait

Around autumn time, when the temperatures decrease, the amount of natural food present in lakes also begins to go down. The carp will now feed a lot more vigourously in an attempt to pack on ...

How to Attach Scud Hooks and Attractor Hooks to Fly Lines

Connecting scud hooks and attractor hooks to the fly line is not complex, but the knots do require practice to complete efficiently. The leader and tippet materials that are attached to the line and the hooks are also widely available. Attaching the hooks is completed in less than one minute by an e

The Worlds' Smallest Types of Crabs

Crabs are among the world's most ancient and fascinating creatures. There are thousands of crab species that appear in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Typically, their bodies are covered with a protective shell. Most crabs live in water; a few can also live on land. Many types of crabs are co

How to Make a Shark Using Sandpaper

Little boys and girls find sharks and marine life fascinating. Inspire their learning, creativity and artistic talents by making a 3-D shark using sandpaper. A flat-bodied hammerhead or nurse shark is a good beginner's project for children. Sandpaper is an excellent material to use for the shark ski

How to Use South Bend Reels

Since its inception in the early 1900s, the South Bend company has been committed to producing a variety of fishing equipment at an affordable price. Today, the company continues to offer quality fishing reels at good value. One is the Pisces spinning reel, which is readily available for purchase f

How to Bait Hooks With Nightcrawlers

The nightcrawler is a large, thick-bodied worm that can exceed six inches in length. The crawler, as they are commonly called by fishermen, lives underground and emerges on warm evenings if the ground is damp. Nightcrawlers, one of the most popular fishing baits, can be caught by hand using a flashl

How to Snell Fishing Hooks

It's truly disappointing to hook a big fish, only to lose it due to a poorly tied knot. Even with a hook attached directly to your line without any other terminal tackle, the knot is the weakest point. Tying a strong knot to your hook helps to improve your chances of landing a fish. The snell knot i

Poptropica Cheats for "Steamworks Island"

Poptropica is a computer game in which you can customize the characters you play as they adventure to different places such as Shark Tooth Island, AstroKnights Island, Counterfeit Island and Steamworks Island. On each island you complete quests and learn, as well as listen to music and read books. S

How to Catch a Red Drum Fish

Red drum, also known as channel bass or redfish, is part of the family that includes croaker, sea trout and weakfish. Found along the Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico, red drum is a favored saltwater game fish for many anglers. Red drum are found in water depths from deeper channels to grassy flats

Ice Fishing in Minnesota

Ice fishing in Minnesota can spawn entire villages on the frozen waters of the state’s more than 10,000 lakes. Avid fishermen and resorts pull permanent shelters big enough for one person, or small houses that can sleep 10 or more people, onto their favorite winter hotspots. Other anglers simp

How to Tie a McGinty Fly

The Black Laced McGinty fly is a gem for luring warm water fish. Bluegill, trout and pike, for example, are attracted to the wide barbs and bold colors of the fly. The Black Laced McGinty resembles a bumblebee in its black and brown body. Anglers tying a McGinty Fly hand pick bird feathers and attac

How to Catch Walleye Fish in Ohio

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Division of Wildlife stocks well over 20 million walleye fry, and approximately 2.5 million fingerlings in 15 to 20 different reservoirs. This practice keeps the walleye population at an optimum level, though Ohio walleye do reproduce natura

How to Make Hollow Shells

If you are decorating a space in your home or office using a beach or ocean theme, you can use beautiful shell models as decorative accents. Although you could purchase pre-made shells from decorating stores, they can be costly and generic. One alternative is to make your own hollow shells from craf