3 Ways to Pay Minor Beneficiaries an Inheritance

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Weaknesses With the Disability Discrimination Act

The Disability Discrimination Act was a policy passed in the United Kingdom, or UK, to promote equality for disabled individuals in the workplace. The Act originally passed in 1995 and was a hopeful sign for individuals living and working in the UK. While it is meant to promote equality,...

How to Find Out If a Rental Property Is in Foreclosure

When you rent an apartment or house, you assume that the owner of that building is paying the mortgage payments on time. But what if that isn't the case? If the owner of your building falls far enough behind on payments, a bank or lending institution can foreclose on the property. Owners don't alway

Steps in Contesting a Will

A will is a legally binding document whereby the wishes of the deceased person, the testator, are given effect by the legal process of probate. Certain conditions have to be fulfilled for a will to be valid. The main ones are that it must be in writing, witnessed and signed. The testator must have h

Multiple Disabilities Act of 1999

The Multiple Disabilities Act of 1999 is officially entitled "The National Trust for Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities Act, 1999." This act covers the entirety of India, with the exception of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Federal Civilian Records Privacy Act

The Federal Civilian Records Privacy Act is formally known as The Privacy Act of 1974. It protects citizens' records from unauthorized transfers. It was amended in 1988 by the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act to protect due process and uniformity in automated records searches.

Planning a Living Will - Making Sure Things Are Handled When You Pass

The worst thing that could happen is that you are involved in some sort of accident and pass. Then, your family has to deal with sorting out funeral arrangements and many other things that can be a huge task for them to deal with. Also, if have not gone ahead with planning a living will, then your m

How to Find Forms for Child Custody

In order to apply for visitation or custody of a minor child, you will need to fill out a set of forms specific to the state where the custody case is taking place. These forms may include petitions for custody and visitation, financial affidavits, motions and subpoenas. To ensure that your child cu

How to Write Your Own Last Will & Testament

Each state has its own rules regarding what constitutes a legally binding last will and testament. There has been some attempt to make the guidelines uniform, the most well-known being the Uniform Probate Code (UPC). While only adopted by 17 states, the UPC both reflects commonalities held in the va

How to Find My Grandfather's Military Records

Whether you are making a family scrapbook or just would like to know about your family history, military records are a good way to get a glimpse into the past. Requesting military records from the United States government is a relatively simple process for veterans and their families.

How to View Autopsy Reports

In many cases, when a person dies an autopsy report is ordered and completed by the medical examiner. An autopsy report may be ordered to rule out foul play or simply to determine the exact cause of death. Whether you have the right to view an autopsy report will depend in what state the death occur

Rights of the Beneficiary of an Irrevocable Family Trust

Beneficiaries of trusts have certain rights that need to be enforced.signing a contract image by William Berry from Fotolia.comAs the name implies, beneficiaries are those that benefit from a trust. Usually two types exist: income and remainder beneficiaries. Income beneficiaries receive...



How to Make Changes to Your Will

As long as you are mentally competent, you can change, modify, update, or completely revoke your will at any time. But how do you make changes to your will that will be legally valid? Find out.

How to Create a Vacuum in a Bell Jar

Bell jars are designed to be unbreakable chambers used to create vacuums for scientific experimentation and exhibition. Originally, bell jars were made from heavy glass, but many modern bell jars are made from polycarbonate. They include a vacuum plate that is used with a hand pump to create a vacuu

How to Find the pH of a Weak Acid Solution

In chemistry, pH is the logarithm scale between 0 and 14 that determines the acidity of water solutions. A neutral media has a pH of 7. PH values of less than 7 characterize acidic solutions, while a pH greater than 7 is basic. Strong acids completely dissociate in water. On the contrary, a weak aci