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Valentines For Two: Love Me, Love My Dog

Does the person you are dating own a dog?Have you considered making this Valentine's Day a celebration of love for both of them?If you want to be appreciated forever, remember Valentine's Day with hearts and flowers and doggie biscuits.

Simple Romance Tip for the Simple Dude

There are simple and effective romance tips that a simple dude can use to win over a gal.Here is a proven, and effective romance tip that will not only work in the moment but will have lasting effects in the long run.

The Psychology of Meeting Men's Needs

There is a new brand of self-help genre that is focused on meeting men's needs in order to 'get a man'. Although learning about the traits of the opposite gender is a good idea, and can only better the lines of communication between the genders, there is an element of manipulation of the 'meeting th

How to Figure Out Deck Footing

The deck footings extend down into the ground to create the structurally sound base for the deck posts. Without properly installed footings at the appropriate depth, the entire deck becomes unstable and could collapse causing damage and injury. When calculated correctly, the footings resist shifting

Sensible, Practical and Realistic Tips on Online Dating Safety

The concept of online dating is handy and suitable but it can also be a bit unsafe if one does not know what to expect and how to keep away from unnecessary nuisance. There are a large number of tips on online dating well being one should pursue but no tips are more significant than to protect your

How to Break the Ice on the First Date

One of the most worrisome parts of a first date is the conversation. There is a level of anticipation and dread that comes with going on a first date. To have a great first date, you need to be able to relax and enjoy yourself. This enjoyment will stem from the conversation that you have on that fir