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How to Have the Internet Without a Home Phone

Many people now use cellular phones exclusively and do not have land-line home phones. Fortunately, you do not need a home phone to have Internet access in your house. There are many alternatives available across the country that can get you online and surfing the web.

How to Bend Semi-Rigid Cables

You can bend semi-rigid cables with your bare hands or using a bending tool. Bare-hand bending is the most likely way to distort the shape of the cable which, in turn, degrades the signal traveling through the cable. By using a bending tool, you will improve the quality of the bends, as the tool exe

How Do I Download a Flash Video by Changing the URL?

A number of sites make it easy to save your YouTube flash videos for offline viewing. No longer do you need to install a Firefox extension or have an additional application running. Newer sites simply have you change or insert a word or number into the URL of the YouTube video to copy it to your des

How to Leave an Email on the Server in Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook Express is an email management program that is bundled with some versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows XP. Outlook Express can send and receive email messages through one or more email accounts and can be configured to work with any type of email acc

How to Create a Google Email Address

Google email, or Gmail, works in a different way than other email accounts. Unlike accounts where you place various messages in folders, Gmail allows you to archive all of your emails so you can access them all at once. Gmail also saves your back-and-forth emails with the same subject line in one co

How to Find a ProFlowers Password

Since 1998, ProFlowers has been connecting consumers with floral arrangements to meet the needs of different occasions and holidays. ProFlowers allows you to create and manage an account that can make sending flowers and gifts a quick and simple process. While accounts are protected from unauthorize